Balcony Height Dining

The Comfort Craft table and swivel chairs in the popular Balcony Height (sometimes called deck height) offers some of the most comfortable dining around. The 24-inch seat height, great for older family members and guests, makes it easy to get in and get out of. In addition, Balcony Height is perfect for decks with railings and other structures so you can have an unobstructed view.

A sturdy footrest adds to the comfort and enjoyment of the swivel chairs. Select from a wide variety of colors, choose a two-tone (shown here) combination, or custom order your own colors to complement any outdoor living space.

Comfort Craft is beautiful, durable and low-maintenance. You can leave it out all season and then just give it a rinse with soap and water to keep it looking beautiful.

Comfort Craft Balcony Height Table & Chairs

Comfort Craft Balcony Height Table & Chairs

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