Cleaning Comfort Craft Outdoor Furniture

Your Comfort Craft Outdoor Furniture is in place on the patio, and you love it, so now what? Because Comfort Craft furniture is made from high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) lumber from post-consumer waste such as plastic milk jugs, it is durable and stands up to rain, sun and wind.

Comfort Craft furniture won’t chip, splinter or rot like patio furniture made from wood. It’s substantial and will stay put where you place it. You’ll never have to sand, seal or paint. The material resists mold and mildew so will not get dark patches like on other furniture left outside. The coloring is also UV-fade resistant and stain-repellent so it will stay bright and beautiful.

The only maintenance Comfort Craft will need is the occasional cleaning. A few times a year, wipe down your furniture with a mixture of dish detergent and water in a bucket and rinse with the garden hose. It’s that simple.

If you have cushions on your furniture, check the manufacturer’s tag for cleaning instructions. Most cushions will clean up with the same soap and water mixture as used for the furniture.

Important reminders:

  • HDPE lumber is affected by heat, so keep away from fire and flame. When placing chairs around the fire pit or adding fire features to the patio, make sure there is ample distance so your furniture will not get too hot and melt.
  • A power washer for your furniture is not recommended. If you must break out the power washer, use pressure lower than 1,500 psi to prevent engraving damage from the water jets.

Comfort Craft Adirondack Swing

Comfort Craft Adirondack Swing

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